Buying jewellery in Dubai is a unique experience; from millions of designs that appeals to a wide variety of taste and choices, it’s truly a treat for jewellery lovers. There are over 1200 jewellers waiting to welcome you to this jewellery destination!

Dubai, known as the ‘City of Gold’ has had a long history with jewellery and gold. The city was a major trading port in the 19th century.

From being a pearl fishing town to the glitzy commercial hub that it has become today, Dubai’s association with the yellow metal is legendary and has only grown through the years.

Dubai’s famous Gold Souk, the largest retail market for jewellery in the world, was initiated in the 1900s with just a handful of retailers and grew substantially in the following decades. Apart from the traditional Gold Souk, there are several jewellery shopping destinations in Dubai. The new extension to gold souk, Meena Bazaar and all shopping malls give varied jewellery shopping experiences.

Dubai offers the best quality jewellery at world's best price. Availability of a wide variety of designs, unified and transparent pricing, lowest tax rate, high security and stringent quality checks make Dubai the Jewellery Destination of the World.

Over ‘One ton’ of gold as prizes have been given away in raffle promotions over the last two decades. Jewellers in Dubai come together to offer grand shopping and winning experience for almost all occasions. Winning a fortune while you shop for jewellery is unique to Dubai - the Jewellery Destination of the World.

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The Dubai Gold Souk Extension maintains the charm and cultural characteristics of the original souk