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Dubai is known as the ‘Jewellery Destination of the World’ for good reasons. Gold Jewellery sold in Dubai is of the best purity, which is ensured by The Dubai Central Laboratories Department through strict regulatory measures. ‘Bareeq’ which is a voluntary quality management system and certification scheme implemented by The Central Laboratories Department for jewellery shops,has largely helped to promote and give formal recognition to jewellery shops that meets the good practice criteria for jewellery trading. The criteria ensures the quality of the products and services that are offered by the shop and gives assurance and confidence to the buyers.

The price of gold jewellery in Dubai is one of the most competitive & lowest

• Ever low making charge on jewellery pieces
• Jewellery sold in Dubai is on gold price plus making charge unlike in many other parts of the world where jewellery is sold per unit (Tag Price)
• In Dubai, the making charge on Jewellery is calculated as a flat as against a percentage of gold price in many other countries (consumers will pay more as making charge if the gold price increases)

Dubai Jewellery market has the widest variety of designs which caters to almost all cultures and nationalities in the world. Dubai’s retail jewellery sector caters to over180 nationalities residing in Dubai with its jewellery import from over 30 countries, thus meeting the demand from the global tourist visiting Dubai. Gold Jewellery gets sold in Dubai all the way from 18K, 21K, 22K up to 24 satisfying the tastes and preferences of every region in the world. Over 300 retail jewellery outlets are present in Dubai’s gold souk in just about half a square kilometer area which makes the souk a must visit location for jewellery lovers. Dubai’s sprawling malls house some of the world’s finest jewellery luxury brands, having their presence only in Dubai for their consumers from the neighboring countries too. Best purity, competitive pricing and wide variety of designs are the key factors that attract jewellery lovers from all over the world to Dubai.

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