2nd Dubai city of gold conference

The two-day conference was hailed by participants as a huge success. With representatives from 16 different countries attending, many outlined how the event offered a unique opportunity for all segments of the gold and jewellery value chain to come together and interact Рconsequently unifying the industry’s commitment to quality development.

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Over 300 delegates attended the first conference, and were enlightened by a number of interesting presentations. Speakers at the conference included high-level representatives from De Beers, the IGI, HRD, and the World Gold Council. There were also presentations from DDIA, DIFC, DMCC, Dubai Municipality, and Dubai Quality Group. On the finance side, delegates heard from ABN AMRO, National Bank of Dubai, Standard Bank, and Commerz Bank International.

During the last conference, Group Chairman Mr. Tawhid Abdullah highlighted his seven point vision; quality, trade unity, manufacturing, consumer protection, government support, human resources and marketing. As Mr. Abdullah will discuss at this conference, many of last conference’s visions have become reality with the support of both public and private sector efforts.

The 2nd City of Gold Conference

The Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group has once again brought together leaders from the world’s jewellery sector for an impressive two day conference designed to provide valuable experience for all members of the global jewellery sector offering valuable insights into mining, financing, marketing, manufacturing and distribution of both raw materials and finished jewellery products.

The Second City of Gold Conference was held in Dubai, a fast developing international hub for jewellery, precious metals, and gemstones.

The conference focused on Dubai’s development as an international hub for the gold and jewellery industry. Around 350 delegates are expected to attend from Dubai, the region, and abroad

The Second City of Gold Conference has attracted high profile international speakers for 2004. This conference has already become one of the leading events in the calendar of international field and Jewellery conferences. This also raises Dubai’s profile and demonstrates the city’s growing influence in the jewellery trade around the world.There were two sessions each day of the two day conference covering trade related finance, marketing; manufacturing and mining.

The Gold & Jewellery Group will soon announce the dates for the 3rd Conference scheduled for the year 2004

Key Sponsors

Standard Bank
Credit Suisse
World Gold Council

Support Sponsors included:

American Express
Commerzbank International S.A.
Fiera Di Vicenza
National Bank of Dubai
American Express
Supported by: Dubai Metals and Commodities Centre
Official Carrier: Emirates
In association with: Omega Conferencing and Investments

Conference coordination: Mr. K.P. Baiju, General Manager, Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group
Email: baiju@dubaicityofgold.com
Contact information for hotels, transportation etc: Ms. Caroline Hassett
Email: conference@dubaicityofgold.com
Press desk for Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group: Bates Pan Gulf PR
Email: Kevin@batespangulf.com

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